For Educators


For Educators


Our teaching team strives to impact the profession and in concert with that goal we offer Field Study Days and Curricular Resources to our fellow educators.

We welcome your questions or collaboration, educators across the world! And we hope our work within the creative environment that is Long-View has a positive impact on your own teaching and your students.

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Field Study Days

Join us for a half day session in which we open our classrooms to you so that you can observe, take notes, and reflect on your own practice by looking closely at ours. This highly progressive professional development model during the fall, winter, and spring. The Field Study focus is adaptable, depending on your team’s goals and interests.

$150 per person; groups have preference in registration

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field study focus: what are you interested in studying?

  • How do you create a culture of learning?

  • How do you maintain a consistent philosophy and instructional approach for all subject areas?

  • What is daily life like in a micro school and how does the model support innovation?

  • How can we use computational thinking as leverage for thinking in other disciplines?

  • How can multi-age cohorts raise the level of instruction for all learners?

  • What practices do you find successful in a literacy block (or computer science or science or math block)?

  • Does physical environment affect mindsets and behaviors?

  • What challenges do micro schools face alongside schooling norms resistant to change?

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Curricular Resources


A Long-View education is unique, as our teaching team constantly generates original curricula based on the needs of and goals for Long-View learners. From time to time we post some of the resources we have created here and we hope that you will use them to further your own work or try something new in your classroom.

Constitutional Writing Project.png

NCSS's Social Education referenced this project in this article.


Build Weeks at Long-View are 4-day immersive projects that expand academic blocks and focus on one, rich challenge. They typically involve experts from the larger community, call for high levels of reasoning and discourse, are highly collaborative, and are quite complex. Build Week #6 spanned social studies, history, government, and politics and challenged our learners to write their own constitution for a utopian island, called Keecklah. The deeply immersive experience began with a simulation and evolved into the ratification and publishing of Keecklah's Constitution on the amazing website, Constitute. Constitute was developed by the authors of the Comparative Constitutions Project at the University of Texas at Austin and was seeded with a grant from Google Ideas.