Every day from 11:30 to 12:30 you'll find us at Pease Park, on the banks of Shoal Creek. Having worked at many schools in which lunch time was synonymous with a noisy cafeteria or dining hall and typically involved a slew of rules and a rushed meal, our routine at Long View is a welcome break. 

There is something special about our walk down the street from our Lab . . . we decompress and have a moment of being out and about, amidst the noisy bustle of the street that leads to the UT campus. It's a good walk, and a chance to get some needed exercise. But it's also a destination, and there is something that feels good about "going somewhere." It is not a feeling one typically has at a school. And then there is the feeling of walking into the beautiful park, towards one of our typical picnic tables. Beautiful trees are everywhere, the squirrels are busy, and there is a quiet peacefulness. We all feel glad to be there.

As we gather around the picnic table and eat, we recognize that with the small school we are now, this is an important time for our community. There is a growing sense of familiarity each day, as we build common experiences, have the chance to ask about interests and family members, and trade giggles at the dog who climbs on the table to greet us or the collection of rocks that builds throughout the meal.

The best part, at least to the adults around the table, is the simplicity. A walk to the local park, a shaded picnic table, and a chance to enjoy the day with some pretty wonderful children.