Ashby Christian is a Reading Specialist and all-around amazing (and inspiring) reading teacher and she will join us every Thursday for an hour. We will be assuming your kids are reading at home, but we want to support your work and help you ensure solid progress across the year.

During these reading "check-ins" on Thursday mornings, Ashby will conduct a brief mini-lesson and/or confer individually with each child. The conferences and mini-lessons will focus on promoting strong habits for a "readerly life," nudging kids to explore new genres, and promoting deep comprehension skills. This week Ashby began by having the kids complete a reading inventory. Additionally she used a one-on-one interview format to complete a thorough assessment on reading fluency, level, and comprehension skills. Please keep your kids reading 20-40 minutes nightly and look for an email detailing the information we gathered from the beginning of the year assessment.