Great news! We extended our lease at our current location and will more than double our usable space for the 2016-17 school year. Long-View is officially expanding, with a goal of being able to serve 20-24 students next year, or two cohorts of 10-12 students.

We'll be launching a good deal of remodeling work, pulling down walls to adjoin what are now several small offices in order to create a larger, multi-purpose classroom, similar to what we currently utilize. When the remodeling is complete in approximately six weeks, we will have two instructional lab spaces and an additional office/work room. Thus, soon when you walk into our building, Long-View will be both on the right and the left; the current door to our lab is right across from what will be the new door to our new space. 

We are excited about the potential of serving our current students even better next year with more space and we are looking forward to a an expanded micro school community in September of 2016.