We kicked off the year with a Build Week. At Long-View, Build Weeks periodically bridge academic blocks and open our schedule up to allow us to dive into special activities and challenges. Build Weeks help us grow intellectually, help us make connections between disciplines, give us a chance to reflect and set goals, and give us an opportunity to try new things.

During this first Build Week, our focus was on building our community and building the "mindsets" that will help us learn at Long-View. Kids had the chance to try many new things and also get to know our learning environment. We completed a number of team challenges (even one involving climbing ladders), engineered a marshmallow tower, learned how to use tools, explored materials available daily (LEDs, conductive tape, Little Bits, Connectaballs, Makedo, and hobby motors), had a cardboard building session, messed around with the One Cut Theorem, explored how our brains learn (with an emphasis on growth mindset v. fixed mindset thinking), and generally had a great time. We look forward to Build Week #2 at the end of October, as well as the phenomenal guest teacher that will join us, Janet Couvillion.