This is a beautiful personal narrative written by one of our nine-year-old learners in our first writing unit of study. It so eloquently describes one of the many magical parts of our days at Long-View. 

Gooooong! I picked up the short, sturdy bamboo stick and rang the bowl. It’s a golden bowl that sits on a cushion. It is small and deep. And the bowl was imported from India. The singing bowl is the signal of the beginning of a day in Long-View Micro School.  We always start with something we call Campfire and the singing bowl marks the beginning and the end of Campfire. Campfire is where we sit in a circle and talk about whatever is going on. But the best part of campfire is the brilliant, the amazing, the… SINGING BOWL! With it’s long high sweet sound. With it’s everlasting ring. The singing bowl is the starter of the day. Everyday someone  different gets to ring the bowl. Today, it was my turn. When someone in our community rings the singing we all take a  deep breath, and get ready for the day ahead. While the bowl is ringing, we all gather in a circle on the floor and the daily discussion begins…