With admissions season gearing up, we are interacting daily with many parents carefully thinking about which school will be best for their children, for their family. We find that a great starting point is to get to know what makes a school unique. 

Long-View is very purposefully designed differently than other area schools. We aren't trying to check the box of being all things to all families. We aren't trying to impress you with a huge facility or a list of course offerings that trumps the next school. You won't see any worksheets at Long-View and we don't assign homework.

Long-View is a great fit for families who want a rigorous academic program but are seeking a school that thinks differently about learning. We value depth over breadth, and are concerned with kids acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to be highly proficient, confident, and independent learners, ready to critically analyze an issue or problem in order to diligently work to devise a viable and innovative solution.

We value agency on the part of our children, and foster a community in which the cultural norms allow them to be highly productive in their work together.  We believe that when individuals come together for a common purpose and each individual possesses a desire to offer his or her best within the community, the sum of their efforts is greater than any single individual could have accomplished alone. All are made better.  

We teach five subject areas at Long-View: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science. Within our academic blocks, our pedagogy is designed to foster our students' collaborative engagement in the practices of each discipline and it is within these disciplinary practices that we help children construct new knowledge. The big ideas, key concepts, and productive habits of mind of each discipline are always on the horizon. 

Long-View offers a unique education; we bring innovation, a fresh school model, rigorous academics, and a seriousness towards learning.