Tomorrow will be a busy morning, as all learners will be going out on field experiences focused on art interpretation. Teal & Indigo learners are headed to The Blanton, while Auburn & Navy learners are taking a walking tour of a handful of sculptures from UT’s Landmarks Collection. All bands have been preparing for these trips through a series of Campfire conversations over the last weeks.

The goal of the Blanton tour will be to guide learners in critical observations and discussions around 4-6 objects while engaging in The Blanton’s program, Doing Social Justice. This program is designed to teach empathy through art and aligns with our work of supporting growth in the areas of critical thinking and communication. The kids will focus on the question, “Who are We and What Do We Notice"?, learning to understand the role of bias in art interpretation.

Meanwhile, the group headed to the UT Landmarks Collection will be viewing 7 pieces, some of which are installed outdoors in courtyards on campus, and some of which are inside buildings. Each piece utilizes unconventional materials, and the background and intent of the artists are fascinating. We’ll start with Willard Boepple’s Eleanor at 7:15, which contains many interesting contrasts. We’ll visit Sol Lewitt’s immense Circle With Towers outside the GDC, and then venture inside to see his Wall Drawing #520, focusing on these as pioneering pieces within the genre of conceptual art, and think more about Lewitt’s quote: “The idea becomes the machine that makes the art.” This quote will link to our discussion of Casey Reas’ inkjet printed panels nearby, and then we’ll be off to see crowd favorites: Monochrome in Austin and Forever Free.