Imagine . . . 

a school that speaks up and not down to the intellects of children. A school that communicates to students that understanding derives from activity -- making, doing, creating -- and encourages kids to think like producers, not consumers.

Imagine a school that doesn't close the doors after students enter but instead seeks to be open and networked, connecting students to their community and the world. A school that takes "the long view" by prioritizing construction of meaning, asking good questions, seeking connections, and considering multiple perspectives, over consumption of information, rote practice, and shallow skill coverage.

Education Re-Imagined.

For the Long-View.

Admissions for 2018-19 has ended, but we have opened a few more spots for girls in 2nd & 3rd grades. Please contact us if you are interested.

To read about our best-fit students, go to our Apply page.

Hear directly from our kids about Long-View. 

This short video is narrated by several Long-View learners and gives a sense of the dynamic learning environment that is Long-View.